NCEA Level 1 History

Course Description

In this course we will learn about the themes of conflict and security in the 20th century, both in a New Zealand and international context.

We will begin the year by exploring the Space Race and moon landing of the mid 20th century, and will consider conspiracy theories that challenge the traditional narrative of this event.

In Term 2, we will identify the values of New Zealand society and our responses to war, over time. 

We will look into the case study of Conscientious Objectors and compare the conservative society of World War 1 and 2, with the liberal protests against the Vietnam War. This will allow us to to consider and debate the reasons why society has responded to war in different ways.

In Term 3, the focus will be on the origins of World War 2, looking at the rise of fascism and the international response to this. 

Through this course, you will develop skills in research, understanding perspectives, interpreting historical evidence, academic writing skills and debating.

Contributions and Equipment/ Stationary

1 x 1B5 or folder for note taking

Recommended Prior Learning

A conversation with your Social Studies teacher.

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