NCEA Level 2 Science General

Course Description

We will discuss the standards to be covered at the start of the year. There are standards available in Earth and Space Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

You will need to make sure that the course you plan will include between 16 and 18 credits, in consultation with your teacher. 

You will need to include an external assessment for course endorsement considerations. 

Course Overview

Term 1
We will cover an Earth and Space Science Internal and then move on to a Practical Microscopes Internal.

Term 2
We will start the term with the External before starting with the Practical Chemistry Internal.

Term 3
We will finish off the Practical Chemistry Internal before doing another Earth and Space Science Internal. The last couple of weeks before the Practice Examinations will either be to practice for the External or to pick up another internal.

Term 4
We will use this term to practice for the External or finish up the final Internal commenced last term.

Recommended Prior Learning

You should have gained 12 credits in Achievement Standards at 01 Science Academic or 01 Science General, including 4 credits from external papers.

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