NCEA Level 3 Science Biology

Course Description

We will expand on the knowledge gained in 02 Biology and cover the most recent discoveries in Biology. 

We investigate how plants and animals respond to their environment and each other, how humans maintain a balance in their environment, how populations evolve and can result in new species being formed, and then focus on human evolution. We also investigate the latest scientific controversies
and developments in biotechnology.

This course is co-constructed with students to suit their individual needs. 

Although the course will provide up to 20 credits, these credits could be gained from any combination of the Level 3 standards provided by the department, in consultation with the teacher, student and parents.

Course Overview

Term 1
We will start with a 3 credit internal assessment on homeostasis. Then we will start the first, and largest, external standard. This involves studying how plants and animals respond to their environment. The interrelationships within and between species will be further studied when we go to the Zoo in Term 3/

Term 2
This terms starts with the completion of the responses external assessment. The second internal assessment on a socio-scientific issue follows. Finally the second external assessment on evolution and speciation will be completed by the end of term.

Term 3
The final external standard will be completed this term, and then it is all about preparation for exams.

Term 4
This term is entirely focused on exam preparation.

Contributions and Equipment/ Stationary

Education Perfect ($30)

Recommended Prior Learning

You should have achieved at least 14 credits from Level 2 Biology including 8 from external standards.

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