NCEA Level 3 Science Chemistry

Course Description

This course expands on the knowledge you covered in Level 2 Chemistry and focuses on the composition and properties of matter, the energy involved as it undergoes change, and understanding the nature of particles to predict the properties and reactions of materials.

This course is co-constructed with students to suit their individual needs. Although the course will provide 20 credits, these credits could be gained from any combination of the Level 3 standards provided by us, in consultation with the teacher, student and parents.

Course Overview

Term 1
We start of with The Thermochemistry External that follows on from the level 2 Chemistry standard. We then do revision on the Level 2 Redox Internal in preparation for the assessment in Term 2.

Term 2
We complete the Redox Internal from the previous term and then move in to the second External from which students have a choice based on the standards they did the previous year. We then introduce a research internal report on Ocean Acidification.

Term 3
We start with the last Internal, Spectroscopy, before returning to either the Ocean Acidification Internal or picking up a third External.

Term 4
This term will be dedicated to revision for the External.

Contributions and Equipment/ Stationary

SciPad ($30)

Recommended Prior Learning

You should have gained at least 14 credits in Level 2 Chemistry including 8 from external standards.

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