NCEA Level 2 Accounting

Course Description

We will learn about the following topics:

● Accounting Software – setting up Xero accounting software for a business
● Financial Statements – processing accounting entries for various business transactions
● Debtor Management – processing financial transactions and preparing financial reports related to
a business’ debtors, reporting on the current status of a business’ accounts receivable subsystem
● Inventory Management – preparing an inventory cost card to keep track of inventory cost
movements, examining the current status of a business’ inventory subsystem
● Interpretation of Accounting information – calculating analysis measures

Contributions and Equipment/ Stationary

Stationery & Workbook only:
Stationery: 4 x 1E8 books
Workbooks: $18.00

Recommended Prior Learning

At least 14 credits in 01 Accounting, or 14 credits in 01 Mathematics including a Merit in Number. If the prerequisites are not met, entry to 02 Accounting is at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Career Pathways

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