NCEA Level 2 Science Biology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

We will focus predominantly on the processes which occur within living cells, specifically the structure and role of DNA as the blueprint for life and how it works to produce such a wide range of characteristics.

We will also investigate how the structure of tissues and organs work to provide animals with the energy they need to survive in their environment and how populations change over time.

NOTE: Assessment Standards shown below include (optional) 91154

Course Overview

Term 1
We will start the year by taking part in a Field Trip to the Waitakere Rainforest to study the different layers of the forest. This will lead to a report worth 4 credits (AS91158 - Internal).
For the rest of the term we will be examining the life processes of cells with particular emphasis on Photosynthesis, Respiration and DNA Replication. (AS91156)

Term 2
We will be starting the term by studying genetic variation and change, looking at how variation within a population occurs and how this leads to changes within a population. (AS91157 - External, 4 credits).
We will then be studying the concepts of gene expression looking at nucleic acid structure, protein synthesis and metabolic pathways. (AS91159 - External, 4 credits).

Term 3
We will be studying how different groups of animals (insects, fish and mammals) are adapted to be able to exchange gases in the environments in which they live. This will involve examining the different methods of gas exchange using research and practical examination. (AS91155, 3 credits)

Recommended Prior Learning

Students will need to have passed two Level 1 science externals, one of which must be a biology external at Merit or above.