Student and Caregiver Conferences

Student and Caregiver Conferences

Students/Subject teachers/Caregivers have the ability to book, view, update, print or cancel their subject interviews. Whanau Teachers have the ability to view students' interview times.

How to book your time:

  1. Log into the School website Click on the lock icon and enter your username and password. 
  2. From the dashboard select the "Subject Day Interview" button 

3. Click on the "Book your Time" button

4. Click on the relevant subject time slot to book a meeting. Once you have clicked on the time slot this button will change to “booked”

NB . We recommend that you leave 10 minutes in between each appointment.

5. Use the view “summary button” to view a summary of your bookings.

Once you are on this screen you can click on the print icon to print off your interview times.

NB: A printable timetable will show the interview location and details of your selected meetings for the afternoon. Please bring this with you to the subject Evening.

6. “Cancel” button allows you to cancel a booking.

    “Update” allows you to change your allotted meeting time.

Note: Please book your appointments as soon as possible to avoid disjointed times. All bookings must be completed prior to 3.10 on the 24th June

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